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(updated June 2001)


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Netherworlder - new races
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There are not many dice I want at the moment, because I have got nearly all of the dice I need. I am only interested in the following dice:
- Goblin Misprints: Headless Hedge Wizard /Cutthroat (I think the rarest of the Goblin misprints)
- Dragon Masters: Red (Variation 1,4), Blue (Variation 1,4), Green (Variation 4), Black (Variation 1,4), Yellow (Variation 1,2,4)

I am willing to sell my extras or trade them for other games...please ask
special extras:
- Gold Dragon Champion, Original One (limited Edition)
- Blue Dragon Champion (in original plastic bag)
- Double Headed Goblin Cutthroat/ Wolfrider
- Medallions bronze, silver, gold
- Green Dragon Master (Variation 1,2,3)
- Blue Dragon Master (Variation 3)
- Gold Dragon Master (Variation 3)
- Dragon Lord (Variation 3)
- Dragon Lord (in original bag) (Variation 1,3)
- Dragon Slayer (Variation 1,2)
- Kings Die (Variation ?, please ask)
- Kings Die (Variation ?) (in original bag)
- Umber Hulk
- Death Naga
- Beholder
- Bear Folk
- Chimera
- green Heartseeker
- yellow and blue Magis Crown
- black seven-league Boots
- black gilt Shield
- black and green Mantlet
- please ask...