What is TrollTEQ ?

(updated June 4th 2001)

What is this all about ? Most parts of this homepage are dealing with CollectingCard/DiceGames. The first contact I have made with this genre is made through the Spellfire game by the TSR company. (Which I still consider to be the best Multiplayer game.) I have enjoyed the principles of playing such flexible and always unpredictable games and I have also enjoyed trading and collecting those games. During the last years of my studying at University of Hannover I have tried different games, got stuck by some of them, met dozens of interesting people on the internet and learned to build an own homepage. So the games found on my site and also the links on these pages have guided me through the last years.
Most of the games you can found on these pages I am calling them "lost games" now, because the companys which produced these games do not longer exist, or have stopped supporting these games. Lots of reasons could be found why this happened, and nobody can deny the role of the grandfather of those trading games and the expansion and economical decision of its company. I think the only reason I do not like the Magic game is because it is a very bad Multiplayer game, and I really love more-than-two-players games.
If you are interested in any of those "lost games", please drop me a line. It does not matter if you want to make a comment on my site, put your name on one of my lists or if you want to trade with me. Trading is quite fun for me though it is now replaced by selling, because I have got quite a lot of the stuff of the "lost games". I do not know if the prices are unfair and unatractive or if they are ok for you. So please let me know your comments and remember : None of the prices is set in stone. I am also up for crosstrades between different games. Please have a look at my pages and sent me an email: tarowas@gmx.de.

There are also two new games I have listed here Mageknight and Diskwars (German version only). Mageknight I cam only collecting one of each model (not one of each rarity), but Diskwars I am playing quite often.

Since June 2000 I have moved to my own new domain : www.trollteq.de.
I have found a good provider and now I am independant from those free-homepage-companies. I think I will set up a banner site for its own, so everybody interested in watching banners can do so ;-)
Why TrollTEQ ? I do not know for sure. It is a quite good name (I think) and all the more populate names are already gone. Perhaps TEQ is an abbreviation for Technological Enviromental Quotient ? Who knows. If you have got a better name or a better logo for my front page, I am really interested in. If you would like to know more about me or my games or my work, you just have to ask.

If you have any comments, please drop me ( webmaster@trollteq.de ) a line...